Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

Great tutorial.

I was wondering how to get the stupid bar to play one frame and stop, and this is the only tutorial that said how. This'll help out a TON of people.


Thank you! I needed this badly! Your tutorial was damn easy to understand, and it helped a lot.


I always wanted to know how to do fill bars and percent loaded and stuff like that in my preloaders but all the tutorials i've seen until now either just tell you the actions for the simple preloader or tell you all this stuff which is too complicated, this one's far better because i understand it.

At least this was better than the other one

Because this one actually uses some good ActionScript...
But you could make the preloader a bit smaller in file size, by attaching script to it instead of making a 100 frame tween...
perc ent = Math.floor((_root.getBytesLoad ed() / _root.getBytesTotal()) * 100);
//now you have the variable [percent]
/here's the script to make the bar expand w script
_root.loadbar._xscale = percent;
// and top it off with text w percentage
_root.txtload = percent + "% loaded";
------------------- -------

This is only a suggestion, as it seems more professional than a motion tween ;)

Frank2982 responds:

If you were to use that, you would have to change the color fill into a MC instead of just a graphic. Then you would have to make the alignment for the MC to be on the left. Besides, I think Tweening is fun.


Yeah...that was boring...I can see how it would be helpful to people who wanna know how to make or use a preloader..but its BORING to people who already know, or just don't give a crap. Good job, I guess...I like some of your other movies, this one was just boring.

Frank2982 responds:

Umm... Thanks. Glad you liked the other movies and stuff. But this was for people that didn't know what they were doing. So if you did know how to make a preloader. Well then, sorry for wasting your time.