Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

5 all around!

This will help..
Thank you...

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks, weren't you looking for the "said" information about Cool Speech 5.0 last night in the CC chat room?

you sir are genious

i love you you are very wise i hate some of the loaders now a days thank so much by the way

Frank2982 responds:



very nice. You done did good here guy. The only thing i have against it is, I already know how to make a basic preloader... but i wanna know how to make a percentage loader... if you could make a movie SPECIFICALLY on how to make that.. and i mean make it so a mentally challenged blind 4 year old that has NO flash experience could understand it. hehe. If you could do that, i would be VERY thankful man. Great Tutorial though! very very good. 5 for you.

Frank2982 responds:

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "percentage loader". Because I think I had that in there:
the loader bar MC with an instance named loader bar, then the code for it in Frame 1 is:
num = int((_root.getBytesLoaded())/(_root.getBytesTotal())*100);
That makes the bar go up for however much is loaded.

very good job

i dont do flash much but i thought this was a pretty good tutorial...im sure flash moviesll be better cuz of this..nice work

good tut

good tutorial, and im sure alot of people will now make preloaders on there flashs using your code. But for people like me, id like to know what the code does, and what each part of it means. Where did you find this code or learn how to write it?

Frank2982 responds:

Most of it is self explanatory. Any ways, I got what each part of the code is from a book and then just put it together. So its about 80% me, 20% book. Or something, yeah.