Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

the box man was awesome!!!

this vid was another awesome random but maybe could you please make it i little bit longer cause i got sad wen it was over

Jae responds:

Haha it's too long as it is. That's the reason the sound begins to go out of synch. Thanks for the review, man!

I go to school with you!

I see that it's a collection and I'm not judging you on that. But there's no cohesive glue to place all these scenes together, that alright though. It has excellent character animation especially the box man. I'm interested to see how much improvement you'll make and look forward to more polished work from you!

Jae responds:



Yeah the first few sence were kinda bad but the boxman saved the whole thing.

Jae responds:

word. im glad you likes SOMETHIGN!


You really have some awesome talent as an animator. Keep up the good work. If that's your old stuff I can't wait to see your new stuff.

Jae responds:

Thanks! New suff shall be soon!

Haha, Weird.

Well, after seeing this I am surprised that you have so little content uploaded to NG or elsewhere.
Animation is really quite top-notch, honestly. Boxman proves it.
Although, I'm glad you chose to outgrow your Japanese/gamer/poser phase. The poser-ness really showed through in "F-bomb" and the "anime" scene.
You've made me a fan, now just show us what you can do.

Jae responds:

Thanks man I hope you like my upcoming stuff!