Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


how is this meant to sum up 2008 and before?
why isnt this blamed


Jae responds:

Dude come on. you cant be that stupid, honestly. It's meant to sum up my work as an animator from years 2008 and before. lmao at voting 0 for being too dumb to understand anything...


You're REALLY lucky that it got better after the first scene and the second a bit. Without that scene this is an 8. Your lucky box man saved your ass in this review :p.

Jae responds:

lol how am i lucky? I created it all. it's a collective. I'mjust showing a breadth of improvement.

Tha fuck...

your overall animationing = a combination of win, fail, and bullshit. mostly bullshit.

Jae responds:

lol thanks for watching,. i am bullshit


i just wanted to kno whats that song u used for the last boxman dance scene

Jae responds:

polysics thanks!

Really good

i think its really good

Jae responds:

Im glad you liked it thanks a fuckton!!