Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

lol, at first i was tripping balls XD

u have a odd collection of random animation u did on yur POS of a computer.
the box man part was hilarious and u should have used this for emo bot (-.//)
yur random crap rules

Jae responds:

Thanks dude.


lol that wuz halirous !!! :) keep it up!

Jae responds:

Im glad you liked it! thanks a lot!

My braaaaaaaaaain!

my brain got smashed after this flash!! this is my fav animation! u should try to make flashes with music, like one with stickman! oh, and what the name of the song in that part?

Jae responds:

Thanks. There's lots of songs. But, thanks!

That really made No sense at all.

appreciate the work, truly amazing. Specially i like the Fight Part, when while running he sticked (oh Sh*t) on to a wall A.K.A Dead End !! LAWL! ..Fcuking awesumm!

Waiting for the next clip, Budd.

Jae responds:

D thanks! I <3 ju


like that ending and box man and the dinosour neede the laugh of my day thx

Jae responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review! I'm surprised to get any still!