Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Impressive collection

I still have yet taken the initiative to start my projects.. but kudos on your collection of some truly interesting works.

btw... F-Bomb reminds me of Clerks, the Animated Series :P

Good job

Jae responds:

cool man i love kevin smith thats really cool of you to say.

too cool for me

it was really cool and creative but it gave me a head ache and the music didn't help

Jae responds:

lol thx for the 10

i feel like high now

i acctualy like it.... omg! xD

Jae responds:

lawl i have that effect on some people, glad you enjoyed it!

the most best flash ever

well maybe exept for the awesome cartoons but you still have my vote. 10000/10

Jae responds:

cool man thanks a lot!


i ALMOST couldn't sit through any more of it until THANK GOD it got better fast. fortunately it got a LOT better VERY fast. pretty funny after the first 15 seconds of torture.

Jae responds:

hha yah sorry bout that i suck. better shit soon i promise.