Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

dont worry, i Haef the soluution

that was epic

Jae responds:

yay! thanksss!!!

Beautiful =D

I dunno what to say it was just amazing
Id have to say the best part was boxman, I wish there was a scene selection I could watch that part over and over.
Great work man!

Jae responds:

thasnk youl, im glad you watche it

Oh wow wow wow

That was really good. Too bad about your computer, i'd really love to see what else you had. Your stuff is incredible. It was funny, and it looked good.

Oh yeah, high fives for having some Polysics in there

10 and 5 for you, sir

Jae responds:

thanks i appreciate it, i shall animate on even ythought the work is gone,.

OMG That was AMAZING!!

the alarm clock part kinda reminded me about GLIP.. well most of it kinda reminded me about GLIP lol

that was really interesting and I hope to see more =)

Jae responds:

im glad ytou enjoyed. you WILL see more.

best but not the best

I got an account JUST to comment on this, been on newgrounds surfing for years though. This video is THE BEST for when you're in a good mood! I even added it to my favorites =) But, the crazy drops off near the end...like the bouncing at the end though, and it autoloops so you don't have to do ANY WORK!

Jae responds:

yaaay thanks dude