Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


Boxhead is definitely my favorite. (What was that song in the dance part?) Those were all great animations, really funny :D

Jae responds:

Its a song by the band "Polysics"... not sure which it is though.

Box Man

I love your technique and style of animation...especially in the box man bits... (the dancing scene was awesome)
I really hope to see some sort of series built off of him...he seems like he has alot of potential...i'll be watching you... HAH

Jae responds:

hehe thanks. I'm not focused on boxman really. I'm glad you liked my style though.


Do the box man!

Jae responds:

hell yes!

Yei! Lysergic entertainment!!!

Hahahaah sweet shorts man, the animation was pretty neat, and that box man rocks, I really enjoy it

Jae responds:

D I'm glad you liked it dude! *thumbsup*


surely it's the best animation ever seen... the part with Box head dancing and the Clockwork Orange like stickman was wonderfull, what's the name of that song?

Jae responds:

It's a song by the band " Panic! at the Disco". I'm not sure which one though because I don't really consider myself a fan of them.