Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"

yes, you ARE talented

very talented indeed. i thought that was good, i like light irrelevant humour. i don't think everything needs to be a feature-length epic of pretentious amv

nice animation

but I have no clue what it was about=D


I liked it, it was like something off of Alice in wonderland like the way the voices made the speech pop up, and the whole plant thing i thought that was really good, the animation speaks for its self on that part. good job.
and for those of you who say its pointless, it really isnt, if you consider this one pointless then you must say every other animation is pointless, because in most of them the characters come from the authors mind so they are just made up such as this one thus it is a figment of imagination you are watching :)

kaav responds:

Thank you for a lovely comment Skullbood2. Most appreciated.


The art was kinda cool, but it didn't have a plot or any real entertainment value aside from a little eye candy. It was creepy (which i assume you were going for), mostly due to the mentally challenged eunuch (the man's proportions and weird goatee suggest he is an adult, yet his voice sounds almost childlike, if the goatee was supposed to be a shadow it shouldn't be triangular and that big, if the man was indeed supposed to be a man, his voice should be deeper and his proportions more childlike). Who is the evil being messing with the retarded man, and why does the plant come to life? Is it possessed by the evil narrator thing? Is the retarded man having a retarded dream induced by his psychotherapy drugs? This isn't really funny or dramatic or... Well, frankly it's not cute, just creepy as I said. The plant eating him seems pointless and half-baked, like a "I don't know where I'm going with this flash so I'll wrap it up with a half-assed ending" kind of deal. You have a decent amount of artistic talent, but you need more creativity. Try making something of substance with a plot or something cause I bet you could make something good.

kaav responds:

Starting from your last comment, I believe it takes more creativity to create content without the 'standard' plot. The protagonist is not a man but a teenage boy, and yes it is a goatee. The plant character is the tangible form of the interviewer who may have wished to consume the boy from the very beginning. The boy is not retarded, he is merely a juvenile innocent. However, fair enough that you did not like it, that's your opinion. Thank you for your comment.


I liked it, but it was too short.