Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"


Good smart animation. That was kind'a strange anyway ;> but I like it x]

Lulz Marco got ate

This is actually a pretty smart little animation.

Nice art... not sure about the "cute" part.

I didn't find Marco cute or his voice adorable in any way... he was kind of wierd and annoying.

However, I like the artwork and like how you brought it to life in it's wierd little way. It's done in a cool style and I would like to see more advanced animations in this style.

You've done something interesting... I just think you missed the mark on "cute".

what was the point of this flash?

what were you trying to get people to think out of this. was there some type of feeling or comedy of this. if im being ignorant on the plot of this then please respond to this and let me know what this was supposed to be. and great sound and animation. i like the leave things on a light note.

Marco yay!

hmm talented sounds delicious, so you must be delicious cause that was a great animation!