Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"

This animation does showcase your talent

And we can see you are an animated cartoonist. But the subject matter was unappealing.

Usually works that don't really have a subject tend to make up for that by conveying a message or being downright quirky. This didn't convey much of anything, and it could have used more quirk.

It may not have been meant to be funny, but it hit me with the same affect as an unfunny joke. Not memorable.

Don't let this discourage you. I'd like to see more of your work, but with a different approach.

Put your effort into something better

It wasn't terrible, but neither was it good.

You need to work on the writing a lot, it need to have a purpose, if not a purpose you must aim on getting the viewer in a mood, it need to have an effect on the viewer.

I read the description and you wanted us to find the character cute. It kinda felt like a kid with adhd (not trying to bash people with ahd though) more than cute.

Put your effort into something better, you have the skill to make something great but you need to use it in the right way.


Great animation

It was okay

It was okay, not that funny, but okay none the less. And to the "reviewer" below me yes we're all aware that the standard of newgrounds' front page has gone down dramaticaly, but why don't you quit whining about it and make something yourself?

oh my fucking god

why is newgrounds suddenly filled with crap?
I mean, not completely, but for this to be on the front page...

If anyone needs advice, which people propably don't think they need, here it is:
Plainly making your flash weird, doesn't make it cool, or stylish. If something sucks, and you give it a weird twist, chances are, it'll turn out as crappy as you started out.