Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"


this is one of the good animatons i guess not meant to make u fall out of your seat

and its really relaxed and very good for you on a calm day i liked it a lot


that is the badest thing weirdest thing ill ever see

Sweet nothings

Some may like it's style, some may not. It must be an acquired taste. 2/5


Someone below me aked if he has downs! HAHAHAHHA!!!!!


I really like your style. Art was beautiful and original. Your comments made me laugh. People on newgrounds try to look so deep in every single submission that does not make them laugh when some artists just want to create some random stuff without any particular meaning. It was great, made me think about the only time I saw a psychologist (useless) because of some school problems :P Anyways, keep up the good work :)