Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"

dude, sucked like hell

i dont know what kind of hypnotism you used to make those other people "lol" or "awesome dude" but it sure didnt work on me, it was overall pointless and stupid in a bad kind of way .

kaav responds:

How was it pointless? Because there was no story? I would love to know.


i loved the plant thing...my only problem with it is the fact that it isnt long enough. reguardless, i rly like this, and i want to see more from you!


dude...am i stoned?...did that just happen?....i think im trippin bawls.....u get a 10....i'm gonna go lie down.

i love that

make it longer


really good job but a little short.
grate artist... maybe you should add some more monsters like the plant one at the end
make more .