Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"


I liked the style, i would love to see more of the same kind. Just make it longer and we'll all be happy

lol the irony

nice job. it really flows.
its too bad these reviewers u are trying to impress are all retarded and wont think its good unless its some dumb shit like egoraptor's work

Great style, though the content felt weak.

I enjoyed your style -- you are great at flash and art, however, the twist at the end didn't really feel like a twist. It felt lighthearted, and overall made the flash feel empty, somehow.

I just honestly didn't feel anything after watching it ... I think you could've closed it off a lot better. But, you know, can't please everyone. Keep at it! Had to give you an average score because it didn't really do anything for me. Adjusted it into a 6 instead of a 5 because of how well you are at drawing.

that was weird.....

but hell what isnt on this site mew~~

I agry with "no. err...no"

I could have done that.....