Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"

awww i was sad he got eaten

lol him talking was my favorite part... and i dont know why... plus it looked fantastic

Very nice...

Somewhat abstract (which I usually dislike) but I loved this. Definitely not expecting his voice to look like that :P


I'm Trippin O.o

Plot seemed random to me, could just be me, but then again it's Newgrounds. Other then that, the animation was great, one of the best i've seen.
I'm sorry this review is short, i haven't mastered the technique of copying and pasting like the person below me =P.
Anyways i Hope to see more.

First time i watched it

I thought it was a pretty neat animation, then my cousin in the back said, that was a pretty sick animation and how he liked how it ran so smoothly. i watched it again because i kind of agreed and wanted to see the art roll once more. after that i didnt pay attention to the story or whatever but instead i took a look at how fantastic the animation ran. aswell as how it seemed so smooth and professional in general .

as for constructive criticism, i offer none because it needs none.
the guy "purplenaranja" is a dickhole who likes roasting children in ovens

well done

the animation is very well done and runs smoothly. i like the voice of the mystery person. was this a test flash of yours?

kaav responds:

Why thank you. It's my voice in fact. No this is a final animation. Yes it's short but who says how long or short something should be.