Reviews for "Marco the Magnificent"

im from melbourne 2

funny as.
nice drawnings aswell

no. err...no


didn't get this at all...blargh.

drawings were good i guess


i say that in a good way. great job on the animation. very VERY odd. which is why its so awesome. i have no idea where you got this...idea.(irony) maybe its talent. or maybe its racially inpired (jokes) anyways awesome. make more stuff like this.


I just watched this and liked it a hell of a lot, then I noticed you're from Melbourne.
I too am a Melbournian, and word on the street is that we are the greatest.

kaav responds:

Yaay! Go Me!bourne. Whereabouts are you in me!bourne?


Maybe i'm just tripping, but I swear I just saw the little shop of horror plant eat some asian kid with down syndrome... Only Newgrounds... 10/10 5/5

kaav responds:

Hahahahaha!! A perfect comment! It's so true!