Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Aliens with leprocy... actually quite new to me.

Wow... What the FUCK were those things LOL. Gross, funny, and inspiring at the same time... a rare combination.

CREATIVE but the sound needs MUCH work.

I've never seen or FATHOMED creatures of that sort. The animation was very well done. I have no complaints here at all. Only praise.
My only gripe is the sound effects. They felt stock (except for eye ball) If they were more authentic sounding, I'd definitely rate it higher.
Overall, animation was really well done but sound needs work.

I'll check up on you on your next flash for improvement.

Scythemantis responds:

I made the eyeball sounds myself, lol...many of the rest were just stock though, yeah :)


it was scary but fun, it was a nice work and good animation

Not bad

Well, i liked the creatures, and the animation, but the sound effects started bugging me after a short while.


It's like Doom, Jason, and Tom&Jerry mixed. I Like the monsters.