Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Very cool

Great animation, crazy monsters, and an interesting story. The one thing is though, when I looked at all your drawings, I couldn't help but wonder, what goes through your head at night? Even so, 5/5 10/10.

Scythemantis responds:

Incredibly ridiculous dreams, mostly :D

Unexpectedly Good!

This was a great cartoon! I loved the contrasting themes within. Everything was all morbid and creepy in appearance, but very lighthearted in the plot and events. Throughout the whole cartoon I was expecting one of the creatures to do some nasty jump-at-the-screen-and-make-you-jump sort of maneuver (especially that big thing at the fork in the hallway at the end) but never did. It kept in tune with the fun feel of the plot.

Overall it felt sort of on the same lines as an old Looney Tunes short with Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, if you took the characters and replaced them with oh-god-what-the-hell-are-those things.

This was really awesome, keep up the good work!


A tear was brought to my eye as I watched your art project run rampent and unteathered on my moniter...
Long have I viewed your creations on the paper where you show them off on your sight, to see them in this exquisite animation brought feelings to me that could never be explained in any amount of time. The shadeing, tweening, animation, sound quality, sheer amount of sound effects, and effects used were to wonderfully insane to be described in any human tounge.
You are the greatest flash author, NIEGH! You are the greatest bieng to ever exist!!!
Your site, comics, and movies are inspireational in every way, youve taught me so much I never knew I wanted to know.
thank you so very much.

Scythemantis responds:

Gosh I dunno about the greatest being D:


By Christ you're a good Artist.

i guess chainsaw kids aren't that bright. also, i fucking LOVE this animation. the monsters aren't plotting to destroy the surface world, they're just chilling out...with the exception of the eyeball creature and the chainsaw kid hellbent on trying to kill it