Reviews for "Mortasheen"


I love your creatures! I bookmarked your webpage and joined your forum too.
hmm, what's up with the name Mortasheen? it isn't very appealing; kinda makes me think about Mortal Sin or something. name doesn't fit in with the awesome creatures.

Scythemantis responds:

It's the name of a disease from mythology, and in this world it's the name of a city that the monsters primarily inhabit :)

OMFG wat up with the movie

that didn't make any cents but lol


that was funny lol

Amazing Creature Design

It's safe to say that Wojcik has a rabid imagination coupled with a gift for animation. Although there was no story, this was a real gift for the eyes. The entire piece was a whimsical but hellish romp through the mind of this unique artist. A fine animated short that depicts what might come about if Clive Barker and Tim Burton joined forces!


A tear was brought to my eye as I watched your art project run rampent and unteathered on my moniter...
Long have I viewed your creations on the paper where you show them off on your sight, to see them in this exquisite animation brought feelings to me that could never be explained in any amount of time. The shadeing, tweening, animation, sound quality, sheer amount of sound effects, and effects used were to wonderfully insane to be described in any human tounge.
You are the greatest flash author, NIEGH! You are the greatest bieng to ever exist!!!
Your site, comics, and movies are inspireational in every way, youve taught me so much I never knew I wanted to know.
thank you so very much.

Scythemantis responds:

Gosh I dunno about the greatest being D: