Reviews for "Mortasheen"

i guess chainsaw kids aren't that bright. also, i fucking LOVE this animation. the monsters aren't plotting to destroy the surface world, they're just chilling out...with the exception of the eyeball creature and the chainsaw kid hellbent on trying to kill it

After spending the last three days looking at all of our monsters (because who needs a life, amirite?), it's super cool to see these guys in action.

Wow...Just wow

You've turned horribly ugly monsters into sweet adorable loving characters.You sir deserve an award.

I can relate

Ever since being so young I've been inspired by the Resident Evil franchise. What it has become today is rather distasteful but I remember way back to about sixth grade with my little project of horrible skill. Pathetic drawings with horrible writing skill. Went something like some creature in a lab, yada yada, finds way in random house's attic, yada yada. Eventually changing and evolving into what I have today and am still working on. I'm currently eighteen and can relate to this.


By Christ you're a good Artist.