Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Not bad!

I liked it, its something different and original! The animation was well done too ( i like the lil eyeball dude ^_^)


I like your style! You actually planned your Flash before making it. Some of these kids could learn from that. Beautiful visuals and creative monsters!


Good animation. Good drawings. Good story. One thing to say: GOOD JOB!



I'm really glad to see such great work coming from someone whose not very well known here on Newgrounds. This is really great shit man. Very original characters, and extremely well animated. The whole grotesque feel set this real nice mood to watch that. I really could appreciate some of the black comedy (at least I thought it was funny) that you snuck in there. The sound effects were used well, overall this was just an amazing flash. Please continue Mortasheen, it's a very rich world, and you should expand with a story and plot and add some background to the characters. I don't know if you should make it something big, but look at the little buzzers for example. Great job overall, please keep up the great work. PM me if you have any questions are need help. I'm always looking to do work.

Scythemantis responds:

Thanks! I always appreciate detailed comments. I definitely want to do more than just this one short, though I'm not sure what direction I'd be going. I originally planned something with dialog and some human characters, but who knows.