Reviews for "Mortasheen"

Very Different

I enjoyed watching this simply because the style was really interesting and different BUT, Huge BUY here the sound was God-Awful. Loud and Annoying the Chainsaw clip played Over and Over was just way to much plus other sounds were recycled Alot. Fix that and you may have a very interesting little niche flash show.


this flash is interesting and i dosent suck normaly if sometiing like this was made before id give u a 7 but since its a new idea ill give ya a 10 ( we need more things thing NOT like this and NOT like normal shit you see on newgrounds we dont need more of anything exept new ideas that are well animated )

Gimme more!

Though it wasn't that funny, your design sure is interesting, I especially liked the main creature. You really should make more flashs like that. Looking forward to the next animation.


Dude I enjoy your work, Mortasheen is something that reminds me of my childhood. Im not entirely creeped out by it all, yet I see somethings that could have been a nightmare of mine. I really do hope that you bring this world of Mortasheen to the spotlight . I enjoy checking out your website everyday to see whats new and Im never disappointed. Keep up the good work man

Really cool

I liked all of the characters, they were all really cool. The animation was decent and it was an interesting idea. The only flaw though was the sound. It was annoying listening to the same 1 second chainsaw sound clip 50 times. That bothered me for a lot of the chase scenes.