Reviews for "Mortasheen"


it was so dark and cute. it would make a great series. lol that mask reminds me of the mask from the Mighty Ducks animated series. even though it didnt have plot it was still great to watch.

VEry Creepy but very good

I almost could'nt watch this cause it was so weird & creepy & almost demonic..
But it was really good

Scythemantis responds:

Sure it *looks* creepy and sinister, but the monsters aren't evil or malicious. They just are what they are :)

Unexpectedly Good!

This was a great cartoon! I loved the contrasting themes within. Everything was all morbid and creepy in appearance, but very lighthearted in the plot and events. Throughout the whole cartoon I was expecting one of the creatures to do some nasty jump-at-the-screen-and-make-you-jump sort of maneuver (especially that big thing at the fork in the hallway at the end) but never did. It kept in tune with the fun feel of the plot.

Overall it felt sort of on the same lines as an old Looney Tunes short with Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, if you took the characters and replaced them with oh-god-what-the-hell-are-those things.

This was really awesome, keep up the good work!

This is good.

I watch your work on DA! Your a legend! Well done on the front page you deserve it. Hope you do some more!

Amazing art.

I loved all the morbid monsters in this film. Likewise the animation was quite good. The story line however... He's chasing the eye... and they eye is trying to get away... ooooooooook....