Reviews for "Mortasheen"


Nice animation,a little gory,really funny

Creepy yet funny at the same time.

You've definitely got some interesting creatures there, and this flash was both funny and at the same time creepy... I want one of those chainsaw masks though. That'd be awesome. Loved the ending.

Good work man!


I couldn't help but feel like I was watching what would happen if the enemies from DOOM wiped out humanity and didn't have anyone to fight. What with the steel environment and very "DOOMish" creatures. Especially the big brown guy at the end. Maybe I've just played too much DOOM in my lifetime. :{P

liked it

I liked the designs of the monsters and the end was really cute
the graphics are good and gave me the feeling that maybe it wasn´t as pointless as you said it was


I always love seeing these quirky little pieces on portal. I respect originality to a high degree, and I love your character design!