Reviews for "Mortasheen"

still wondering wat i saw

um.....that was the weirdest flash i have ever seen.
the animation was exellent and the emagination that was put in to the creature was fantastic.
hope to see more!


well first of all it did have some cool monsters and good animation but the whole idea and flash was really just pointless and I didnt even really laugh the script was so terrible!

Scythemantis responds:

It wasn't supposed to make you laugh, and I did say it was just a pointless little short. The monsters/animation really are all I meant to do here :)

Absolutly Amazing!

Great video man!

I loved the animation, and those where all awsome creatures.

It had a great story line to show them all off, and the ending was great!


I have definitely never seen or imagined anything like this, this a visually stunning video. But... The buzzing effects were quite annoying though... otherwise it was awesome.

I still dont really know why... but

I loved every second of that, kudos for making something Ive never seen before, and making it pretty fucking awesome