Reviews for "Splat..."

Pretty good, but...

... you couldn't play the second time without closing the window and starting up the game again. This being because the screen is completely black and you obviously can't see shit.

Hints for a pause button please; this game can go on and on.

well for a good game if it only tooke 4 days

this was a pritty good game man i enjoyed playing it as much as i did "another epilepsy game" its kinda a colorful yet dificult game, the sceem is is color and fun but its veary hard and almost imposabel to get the whole page white so im giving you a 9/10 because its hard to get a 10/10 on me lol for changing it the game seems like it could be much funner if you could regain health in a simmiler way to upgrading wepons.

Nice game.

Inovative and fun.

not bad

but nothing special i havnt played this mono and dont think i will be anytime soon


tha was ok but zeppel is rite it duz get boring