Reviews for "Splat..."


YEAA Agree!
it doesnt lag at all!
seriously. haha judging by the amount of bullets
gr8 concept and idea
and i got highest score for today ! first try lmao.
is gr8 fun for a while :D good for coffee breaks.

ur 5'd!


hmm i can't really rate this game fairly, because it loads and nothing happens...

Great Game.

Although Im not usually a fan of games like these, this is a great game. Although smiple it provides an excellent gameplay. It doesn't lag for me but it can be tough to see at times. Like I said, great game. 9/10


This game looked nice. As a general principle, the game was too simple. The art, however, was great. Do the powerups max out at a certain point? It seemed to me like they did. The massive amount of bullets and ripple effects made it lag a lot too.


Even though it's kind of just an Asteroids rip-off, it's really fun, and the color and ripple effects give it its own feel. Great.