Reviews for "Splat..."

Game freezes

This game is awesome but it keeps freezing.

After I play it on Hard without the special FX I go to play again using the mouse as the aim and I get this error.

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at GameInstance/destroy()
at Main/startGame()
at Main/onPreGameChoicesMade()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatc hEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatc hEvent()
at ChooseControlSchemeUI/onMouseAimChose n()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatc hEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatc hEvent()
at com.JBooth.ui::JSimpleButton/onMouseU p()

So then I need to close the game and reopen it to play again.

Overall though this is an awesome game and I'm addicted haha

slipster216 responds:

Thanks for the bug report and stack trace - very useful, I'll fix this tonight..
ok, all fixed..

Kinda clone...

Nice game, i don't see any bugs or whatever.. BUT! I'm giving 9 for that: I saw a game.. it was named ''Duo'' or whatever. it had absolute same goal and absolute same bonuses (!!) Was that idea from your head or from that game ''Duo''? If you DID obtained the idea from ''Duo''... you should give credit to it...
Anyway... keep up the good work!

slipster216 responds:

The game your thinking of is Mono, and as has been mentioned several times in this thread is credited in the about section of the game itself.

What is wrong here?

This game makes both my firefox-explorer and my normal internet-explorer crash. I have the latest flash plugins installed and never experienced any explorer crash at all. But as it happens every time I start this game I am not able to say weather it is good or not. :-(

fun and original!

im surprised my processor manahed to keep up with all those little bullet things... anyway great work its a fun concept, one thing wrong with it i think though - the movement of your ship got quite annoying at times, because it didnt stop when you wanted it to. anyway, a great game for four days' work

YAY! im special

i like dis game cuz its simple and easy to understand.
it takes bit to get how to paint thecreen white though.
this is great mate!