Reviews for "Splat..."

Give credit where credit is due.

This game is a cheesy recreation of the amazing freeware game MONO created in 2005.

I would have given it a higher score had you mentioned that your concept came from that game.

slipster216 responds:

It's mentioned right in the about section (in game)..


it got old really fast especially b/c it fires for you- needs more upgrades/power-ups (whatever) and idk about music b/c i shut it off cuz it sounded more annoying than the pink floyd i was listening to.


sizures wating to happen... cool game


you should call this game ON DROUGS


it only needs more power ups an easier way to see your guy and the option to turn the backround colors off to just plain white and i would be sitting at the cpu for hours playing it
very very nice overall