Reviews for "Splat..."

Cool game

Fun. Reminded me of Geometry Wars(because of the way of control), reminded me of DeBlob(colors *-*) and, the most important, reminded me of Asteroids. Dude, this game is very cool and colorful. 8/10, 4/5.


so much colors


This game is a great time spender!It kinda reminds me of paintball you know.


fun, but my eyes are bledding! 5/5, but 7/10 because it made my eyes hurt

nice lil 5 mins of fun

i definitly liked it alot... it got a lil tiresome on the eyes but all in all its a fun lil ditty.
it would be cool if you could get some health back . maybe add different levels and some more types of enemies.
For what it is its awesome but could use a lil more depth