Reviews for "Splat..."


This game is good, but after a while it gets boring.

Not bad.

I've never played this 'mono' game, so whatever. I liked it. I found it a bit hard to control, and very hard to hit some of the smaller balls. Can use improvemnets, but a great game.

Don't listen to the jerks.

I don't care if its a ripoff of another game its still fun and you made yourself and it was fun. And to the one that played on "impossible" mode and beat like 4500 units, how come you didn't upload your score...thats what I thought :)


on re-making one of my favourite game MONO from binary zoo.

Easy and Boring

I tryed the impossible Lv. I killed 4500 units without losing any health, got bored and gave up with 15000 score. I could have made much further maybe forever. It was like very easy and it didnt get harder. I don't care about graphics but the gameplay wasn't even fine.