Reviews for "Splat..."

oh so rad!!!

i bet if you were trippin on acid, it would be wickid sik....lol...very fun tho, and very challenging. bravo

now, when does #2 come out?


Very nice

Also a good time killer for few mins. ^^
Others... very good. 10/10

great game

great game, but maybe add a health power-up every so often?

slipster216 responds:

every powerup adds to your total health..


This was a very entertaining little time killer. The screen sometimes got really busy, but I think that sort of added to the fun. I like that you put the two different control methods in. A nice entry into this style of "overhead tank" style of game

I'm blind!!

so colorful, so fun, so addictive! but so unoriginal, not only is this one of a long line of "shoot the oncoming obstacles" type games tht date back to asteroids it is, also eirily similiar to another game; MONO. I'll give you a good score because it is a good game, but just give credit for this kind of thing.

slipster216 responds:

as stated below, mono is referenced in the about section.