Reviews for "Splat..."


Cool game play but my hand got tired, lol. Good job!!

wow! great work!

that's what i call "fluid gameplay"!
5/5 - 10/10 and favourite!


Very creative and fun.
Excellent job, I love it!

Fairly good.

the animations where awsome and the controls where good, but the enemy attack system was a dissapointment.
As soon as you get near them you teleport to their center, thats one of the negative parts i found in this game.
The other one has nothing to do with the game, but with another game entirely.
I can't remember the name of said game but it was practicly the same. hell, even the powerups looked the same.
Exept thet it lacked the awsome animations, great game, but i think you can do better!

keep up the good work!

crazy fun

that was awsome, a lot better tha i expected, almost got to 100% (96.6%).