Reviews for "Splat..."


it was fun for a while, but then it got too messy.i had no clue what was going on

Umm,,, rip off and

a poor rip off of that. Yeah, good job of flashing it, but you just flat out stole every part of the Mono.

Awesome idea

This was a well executed game idea. I really like how as you kill the enemies they become a part of the background making this abstract painting of sorts. And i liked how when you got so many weapon upgrades you started to get mines. I have a few suggestions and issues.

1. Even though the "splash" wave effect is cool, its very distracting. You could either make it more visually appealing so its not as distracting or make it an aspect of the game.
2. More definable boundaries
3. Levels, stages, or phases. The player wants a sense of progression. You might wanna consider implementing collecting points and having an upgrade screen instead of instant upgrades. That way you can have different weapons that the player can choose. Maybe a flamethrower or guided missiles... lasers even, be creative with it. Or flag ships that follow you (i love flag ships lol).
4. More enemy variants. Maybe squares or triangles. You could even give them faces or something to try and personalize them.
5. Make the player easier to spot. At some points it was hard for me to find where i was in all the confusion.

I hope to see a second upgraded version.

not that fun but alright!!

it was pretty boring and ordinary but other than that it was O.K!

well done

this game is nuts.. lol fun and crazy xD