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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"


I can't give you too high of a score, because the graphics weren't much of an eyepleaser. It is a nice try, but I can't say that it is too great. The gameplay was pretty fun, but nothing too addictive and fun. It would be better as a minigame, as it isn't too long and doesn't make you stay for that long. Look at the Castle Crashers graphics more, and maybe make more levels. Nice try, but work on it harder next time.

FlaskMan responds:

aiight will do


It was fun at first but got old. I got to suicide mode and couldn't beat it. Once the turtle hits the end of the screen you get hit with the missiles and usually get trapped on the western edge meaning instant death. The damage isn't very good either. 4, 9, 13, 17 is a horrible combo. I felt alone as well. Maybe have random crashers (pun intended) help you out. I really couldn't stand watching the credits ever time I died. Took away from replay and fun. An option to destroy the weapons on the turtle's back would have been nice too or better weapons when you level up.
Still a good game though.

Peace :3

FlaskMan responds:

i may alter the damages for the combo as it stands its damage, +2, +6, +8, so at level 1 it would be 4, 6, 10, 12 i might make it 4, 5, 6, 8-10 and make the final hit take a bit longer.

not the best

its a little weird

FlaskMan responds:

that is the point lol

Well not too shabby.

The custom drawn background could use some improvements, even if it means hiring a highly talented artist to do the work. The gameplay was good though, simple yet enjoyable. Hack and slash a semi-mecha turtle. I however must confess I forfeited before trying to eliminate the turtle so I don't know much about the real fight. Anyway if you see this in the future I was force to write this review.


I didnt think this game was very good, or fun at all... Im not really sure why everyone loves it so much.

The graphics are terrible. Some good concepts though. its not a total piece of trash. Just not that great..