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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"


not the best so im givin you a 2.i dont want to sound mean(and im not lying)buuuuuuuut that was so crap(no offense) plz make more but with platfoirms and give the turtle less weps and like make the cc hero evolve like on ccing the beard.plz make a new one with all my ideas plz i wud love it!!!

FlaskMan responds:

so basically make it more like Castle Crashing the beard in every way? nah i think ill keep my own game


You expect us.... to do this? first two levels is so easy and then on it's impossible jesus.

God I hate you

This game has all the basics for it to be good, but of course it's boring and repetitive and while the easy modes are ridicuously so the other levels are just insanely hard, besides there's only one way to beat it so it's boring. Try adding different platforms increasing the way the level up works, better weapon new magic, like otherwise you have a turtle walking at you that you shoot with fire... the end.


alot of buggy things i cant really describe, i like the concept but it should have been a funnier boss


way to easy. just majic.

FlaskMan responds:

No not majic. ever.