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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

U didn't figure out the gameplay

You need to plan out fun interesting gameplay.
You added some gameplay elements(ie blocking)
But there is no way to block unless you just time it like a dancer.
(The turtle doesn't make a gesture that shows it's about to attack)
Also, using physical attacks is useless with rockets falling from the sky.(you need to constantly move since the rockets will land on you if you are in melee range).
Basically, the game has more room for solutions than value.

FlaskMan responds:

well i enjoy playing it, and most of my friends do to, ill make much better stuff in my next game, count on it!

The best bit was your mouth sounds on the credits.

...and that ain't a compliment. Nice try though.

kinda lame...

I think it would have been better if you could choose the knight, fight little minions before you fight the boss and make the boss less overpowered. It seemed too hard on casual difficulty+ and if you used a lower difficulty, it wasn't that fun.


I kinda like it, but still needs work, especially with the drawing of the turtle


just awful bloody game here, i mean ill give you points on the art, and the humor, but the gameplay definitely needs to be worked on.