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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

It's Ok

Dunno, fun to play, I think bit boring though.

FlaskMan responds:

eh, its one fight i didnt expect it to be exasperatingly fun

Wasnt so bad.

i dont know.
i didnt enjoy it that much.
though i was okay
typical boss fights..
would be better if you could fix the graphics
and put in some extra stuff
like fighting small turtles first
b4 goin to so OMG turtle boss
and omfg 8 difficulties?!
i didnt even bother tryin to play it at the hardest difficulty
figured it would probably
make me crazy
so i just played it on pansy
and a few more difficulties
but yeah pansy was..
so sissy like
great job nonetheless.

FlaskMan responds:

thanks again


It was kinda short ,but it was still pretty fun.

good but...

the sword is usless, and the make you own game was fun.


I could say it was okay, I liked the custom. the difficulty change for the styles from twat or twit which everone it was to casual gamer was a big difference and there needs to be some new magic or weapons. btw you need to get rid of the missles or the fire breath becaue they are a real pain. also could some one tell password for final difficulty please......