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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"


The melee combo doesn't really help since the missles still damage you even though you are near? This game is pretty stupid, just keep throwing fireballs and run. Just keep doing that. Almost no strategy at all... Try having more attacks for you and the enemy, missiles should hit the ground randomly, not where you are. You are standing right next to the turtle, you see the missiles exit the top left of the screen, and they fall down on you...how does that work out?

FlaskMan responds:

how does it worrk that towers fall apart when someone died(Z64) how does it work that aliens took over a town? how does it work that theres a TURTLE with SKIN and a ROCKET LAUNCHER and even a FOX TAIL? its a game it doesnt need to always make perfect sense.




all i did was hit s 18 times and it died, with a message "im keeping this tail bitches."
it was easy and un-entertaining, the stupid thing never even hit me.


dude what the hell that sucked! a 0 for vote and a 3 for this cuz of the controls. come on man the turtle was godly in one level and a sack of wimpy crap at the one below it! why put the easy mode in anyway if you know a 2 year old could kill him??? the turtle shouldnt breath fire when he is next to you cuz u will die in one hit!

it's weird and for noobs.

I'ts for noooooooooooobbbbbbbbbssssssssss. it sucks.