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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"

liked it

liked it, but i likeed castle crashing the beard better. i like the game, but the character animamtiton on te cc's and the turtle aren't tat good. great job! hope this gets a frontpage!

FlaskMan responds:

if i can get an artist to help me out i can make stuff much better, but im not an artist im a programmer... i suck at drawing


lol i loved this little game, i tryed it on the first two lvls then had a go a a custom difficulty >< next time i wont set my jump hight @ 400 LOL
if you did this with different sized turtles over different lvls and harder turtles for the bigger they are or something the this would be even awesomer! or something

FlaskMan responds:

yes 400 jump height is fun, you dont even have an animation anymore, you just poof up and poof down

good game

level 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999 knight
74 speed
74 jump
1til level up
turtle hp 1
i call it superdupermegamonkeycouldbeatiteasymo de

good game :)

i played on twat ( i fink it sed dat :S) and found it reall y easy so i tries the supersauce or whatever and found it a lot harder and funnner :) a great game, not as good as castle crashing the beard but still a good fun game.

fun but needs improvement

the gameplay could be improved. you could add more lvls and make the game longer. what would be good also if you could choose your knight. other than that exelent game.