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Reviews for "CastleCrashing The Turtle"


You did poorly at the end but the art work of the crasher was awesome. Needs work though, (turtle). Also, I want to be able to change the color of my character... Good work though ;)


But the missiles will hit you consecutively if you are grounded when it explodes

FlaskMan responds:

depends on his health

Graphics, gameplay, attack designs, and timing...

The above all need work. I can sense that you didn't put too much effort in to the drawings, that or your just very bad at drawing. The gameplay... eh, I would've liked it better if you could click to attack, use the W,A,S,D, keys, and use SPACE to use spells. Also, when the turtle attacks, I find it very annoying, how when you come up near to attack him, he breathes fire the instant you come within reach... NONSTOP. I need to hold down shield for like 20 minutes before I can run away, in the mean time, HE'S BITING ME AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME... That's not fair. he just keeps attacking me, no matter how I shield. Also, for timing, when the missles struck, you could do a bit better, so as to when your hit once, if you get hit AGAIN while your still on the ground, you don't get hurt again, so your spammed like 50 times.

Overall I'll give this a 7.

FlaskMan responds:

yeah i suck at drawing =), as for gameplay click for attack is a bit odd..., and missiles, the timing of the missiles depends on the turtles health, and his attacks?... EVERY boss i have EVER fought has a pattern, learn his pattern - he DOES have one, learning when to block and when its safe to run is crucial.

pretty good

it was okay, it does get pretty repetitive though. i liked the custom difficulty feature... had some fun with that. it would be a little better if your knight changes colors every lvl up. it could use more enemies too like little turtles as minions for the big one or somthing. pretty decent over all though.

its alright

i love castle crashers and this wasnt that bad, ok there were a few problems here and there but i played it and it wasnt too hard except the last difficulty, would agree about the knight choosing that would be cool and stuff, but it wasnt too bad really