Reviews for "Infection Game"

Good way to waste some time

Nothing hard about this game, except for maybe the fact that if i had played for much longer, my wrist would have fallen off. Also, after about 100mill, the score goes up slower...

Easy way to win:

Set fingers on 1, 3,4, 7 Keys. Push repeatedly.
When you can, hit 6 (freeze)
After you freeze, hit 2/5 to instantly kill a whole bunch, and recharge your freeze.

Winning this game is all about keeping the freeze up. If you follow the above pattern, you will never die. I personally couldnt keep it going for more than an hour and a half, and quit after i hit about 254 mill (Look me up 'I got bored at 10mil" on the scoreboard! ;D )

well....its okay

the game is fun for a while. Once you get all the weapons (upgraded) then it gets old quick. All you have to do is hold a direction of your choice, and randomly press numbers.

Well, I like the graphics, and the music, and you get some major points for originality. It just gets old eventually. make it harder and you have a great game!

Really nice!

As others, I have to say that it's too easy, got to lvl 1064

Kinda weird, All time it's written 51th place... hum, ok maybe my 14,5M was nice... Let's watch others; 253th place daily... How can I be that down if All time is that good, lol if you forget that little bug, everything is fine otherwise...

I still cannot figure what the 6th button was doing... Many options recharges much faster than they are used which mean you have to click them without thinking many times... kinda booring

and the light blast (5th touch) is nice... at first, but after, squares appear quick enough to get over thoses and you can't move so it bug you... maybe thoses beam should be still active and destroying squares until you can move again....

All in all, it was a super nice game, but I won't play it twice

Hmm, it's o-kay

You really need better sound, something fast-paced (Paragonx9?). Graphics were alright, just like gameplay. Though in the end it was just holding left/right and smashing 1234567 all the time.

I got a 896 and Rank. 51 all time.

Kinda fun

And easy,I guess.Nothing more to add here.