Reviews for "Infection Game"


That game was as addictive as hell. I managed to get to 39.5 mil be4 i got bored, but that doesn't matter, because some guy made it to 253 MIL!!!

P.S. i went left :P

pretty nice

would be 10 but needs a pause button. after a whole when u have all powers maxed, skill becomes irelivent, hold left and run your fingers along the number keys. i got bored and stopped at wave 1400 at 21milion points, only losing some health due to the lack of a pause button.

overall repetetive but a great time killer with some amusing and handy skills.

laser with ghost guns is my personl fave producing a grid of death =)

keep em coming

Very good

very addicting game lol...
maybe more power-ups?

It's all right

It's not that bad of a game...Not much strategy needed...Could use a pause button...

Cool game, but...

i cant write a really long reveiw because my brain actually feels numb from just holding right and hiting my numerical keys. But aside that its a great game on all fronts except longevity of play. Good job, keep it up!!