Reviews for "Infection Game"


Yeah it gets frantic but if you can get the right pattern down its incredibly easy, got to like wave 1200 with at most a 4th damage taken before i got bored with it

boring after wave 800

after wave 600 you smash 1-7 every sec and hold left to circle around.
i played to wave 4,3k or so and only died because i went unlucky und freeze refresh. therese no skill involved or anything


Great survival/defense game. I got to level 228 and lost D|
It gets so hard, the new generations come like a second apart.


It was a good game, but since the powerups stack (btw i loved that they did) the game had no real end. I still liked it, but some form of a end or a quick difficulty ramp might be nice. After 1.5k lvls the game really should not be still going on.

All and all it was well done, i was happy about the stacking powerup and the fact that my whole screen was filled and it did not lag up. It would be intresting to see how you put strategy into that, but who knows it might be groundbraking!

Hope to see more from you.

Get bored pretty fast :/

At some point you may get your space button jammed so it'll just shoot without you even touch it... You just press -> or <- and press 1-7 ass fast as possible... Got 3484971 and to level 335 when I get bored :/. And to place 9.