Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


that was very colorful and very imaginative going in my favs

awesome game but....

how many fuckn yellow pills do u have to eat to grow?!? i ate like 30 and didnt grow a fuckin centimeter bigger

jjwallace responds:

hehe, i fixed that for temp... red custom soon


Who'da thought that swimming around as a little tadpole thing would be so much fun!?
If only uoi could grow...
You CAN grow now!?
i love it!!!!!

Im in love with alien fish!

This game totally rocks but there's a little bug. If you grow big with the golden pil first, and then you get wings, and eventualy fall in the water you stay big for ever but still can be eaten by bigger fish. For the rest this game is awesome.

So many hours wasted playing this game...happily

Even my 4yr old daughter insisted on having it on her puter & it's hard getting her away from Frozen Bubble.
I'm waiting for my wife to ask.

jjwallace responds:

thanks dude...