Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


this game rocks

Pill suggestions:

Super size
random effect(positive or negative)
flying bonus (breathe on air)
ability to change fish types (jellyfish, or that other thing)
entry to next level (make the yellow pill very rare)
possible evolution (rpg style)
Hope this helped!

Yellow pill

What should the yellow pill do? How are you having trouble with this I am pretty sure I am the 18th person to say this but SUPER SIZE!


i loved it, i do like someone's (forgot their name but kudos to you anyway) idea of making you turn into what you eat is great, and you should get bigger+faster. i like how only a couple people mention the middle eastern when you get a decent score. i was trying to see if there was any other ending, but i got up to 20k points and it didn t change. but very good, i loved the speed in this one but th bigger ones never leave you alone, you should make an option to play without a way of dying, just because it's so addicting and make a scoreboard to see how much of their lives people can waste


man no matter how many times i play this game its still fushen awesome
i love it nothing wrong with it but don't change the name to red custom?
blue is cool man.
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jjwallace responds:

red custom is another version... i wanted to make blue custom 2 but not yet... so its like this.....
feedn frenzy 1.0 : feedn frenzy
feedn frenzy 2.0 : blue custom
feedn frenzy 3.0 : red custom
feedn frenzy 4.0 : blue custom 2

well kinda like that.. whats wrong with red custom??? that is the color scheme at least.. red... thanks for the input.