Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Outstanding game!!!

Very fun game. The whole big fish concept made it much easier than before. I got a 75,000 compared to maybe a 3,000 before. I would have rather seen a system where you progressively get larger, like in the game !fishy!, but it's still entertaining. I'm taking off two points for the flying growth error(found out what you meant by that the hard way....why do you think I only got 75,000...haha) and the fact that the big critters don't count for any points. Still, and awesome game.

simple and fun

simple and fun, one of the coolest of the actuallity.


this game was rly fun

this is a lot of fun!!

it's a very casual entertainment, the choice of music is awesome, I could spend days playing this. The graphics and color choices work great with it too. THis game is a lot of fun.

um yeh

addictive, fun and makes you feel good :) although i noticed that if you eat a fury pill and get wings you are permently big :D anyway very good game and i think its going to the favorites :) woo hoo