Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


thats a rly cool game it reminds me of this other game called fishy where u eat fish that are smaller than u and hav to stay away from the big fish until u get big enough to eat them, i think u should do that too, make it so depending on how many fish u eat the bigger u become so wen u get big enough u can eat the bigger fish that eat u, then u could make even bigger fish come or something so u can still get eaten, also i think the wings that u can pick up r rly cool but maybe u could make it so that if u eat the birds u slowly develop wings and can fly permanently or someting, lyk the mor birds u eat the more yor wings develop

jjwallace responds:

evolution for specified food type, i like it..


Nice game, kind of like an updated version of fishy xD

Yellow pill...

Fun game, my idea on the yellow pill is that when it's swallowed, you temporarily turn into a super fish that can fly and swim at fast speeds, and also greatly increases your growth, but make them rare!

i got stuck on leval 1

it was great fun but i just couldent clear the second jump it was quite hard.


I just got 58928. My best before was almost 40k. I love playing this to chill out, satisfies my violent side and my pretty colours/good music side. Great game, I look forward to the sequel with real depth.

jjwallace responds:

i look forward to making the sequel.. i just need to find time to do it....