Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

Its a good game lots of potenial

Its very fun to play i wish that u are able to get bigger as u eat more fish things it would be a good idea for the 2nd game

Do it like Pac man

How about the orange pill makes you eat the bigger fishes.

Nice game. I now played like 15 minutes but the only thing i wanted to do was turn off my pc and take a shower xDD

I also had a great idea about the orange pill >_>
maybe you can give every different fish different abilitys (for example the jellyfish can make a static field where the big fish can't come close to him) And when you first eat the yellow pill and then any fish, you're getting his ability. <_< is this a good idea?

it was pretty cool...

but i wasnt growing but it was nice...oh, and the yellow pill should make you ivincable for a short time...

Really fun

Fun game, but when I die, the restart button doesn't work.

jjwallace responds:

sure it works it says push up to restart... dont use the mouse :-)


I was really excited, because the game is really sleek and I thought I could grow my fish bigger and take on bigger game. Still cool and addictive, but without an incentive besides high score, it gets old fast. Evolution would make this game 10/10.

Oh and if you get the big powerup then get the flight powerup right after, you stay big even when the flight ends and even if you die and restart. I think you keep the speed and capture box, but you can still get eaten by the big fishes. Just a glitch I found.