Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


this game sux wats the point offf the game and there fucking racist with that arabic guy when u loose

jjwallace responds:

you are racist.. that guy is Hindu not Arabic.. anyways why dont you like Hindu people? you cannot even tell the difference between cultures.. and yes i am Hindu.. i wear a turbin so screw off


It might be better if the controls actually worked.

jjwallace responds:

no shit fool


I can't even move this is just shit

jjwallace responds:

no shit fool newgrounds is taken a crap or something, problem with the upload.. i have not touch this shit for like 3 days and now it broke


i cant give it any stars ause i couldnt play the game
for some reason when the game starts i cant move my alien fish because i freeze in mid-air
sorry but i cant rate this

jjwallace responds:

yeah, i got an email saying i was hacked! i dont think its possible but all i know is that for some reason i checked it today and out of the blue its all froze up! so i have to wait for them to approve the upload of the game i have not even touched for like 3 days.. i have no idea whats going on... it should be up soon. im angy as hell with this crap... + im getting all these 0's because of this shit

i think its bugged?

when it loaded up all i got was a sperm thing floating in the middle, i couldnt move or anything?

jjwallace responds:

yeah! read the description.